Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is Here (I hope)

This has certainly seemed like one of the longest, coldest, and snowiest winters in Minnesota that I’ve experienced in a long time! We’re finally seeing warming temperatures and sensing (with fingers crossed) that Spring is near.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this long winter has been the ever challenging economic turn which we’ve been watching and experiencing these past many months. For the first time since my marriage nearly ten years ago I told my family that we couldn’t take a vacation this winter. Mounting utility bills, mortgage payments, and general maintenance obligations gave me the unpleasant experience of deficit spending and taking a vacation seemed out of the question.

However, my general mood told me that a vacation was what I needed most. Searching the internet I found a few good deals and some exceptionally low, last minute airfare bargains. We decided to pack our bags for warmer weather. In all of my years of being in business, this little trip was probably the best investment I’ve ever made…for my family and for my psyche.

Never before have I fully appreciated the value of taking some time off, the importance of spending some exclusive time with my family, and the significance of just getting away from it all for a week. This time away energized my batteries and put some wind back in my sails. In spite of the cold and snow that greeted me upon my return home, I was ready to get back to work!

I sincerely hope that this is the same kind of product that we offer you, our guests, when you plan your annual retreat. I hope that you embrace your vacation with us as a time to be close to your family, as a time to relax and enjoy yourselves, and as a time to forget about some of the less pleasant realities of life.

I look forward to seeing you this summer.

Thank you very much!

Paul Bugbee

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